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What We Do

Living Anew Farm provides equine therapy and counseling in the areas of: physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual abuse; anxiety; addiction; trauma; PTSD; low self-esteem; loss & grief; abandonment; depression; eating disorders; domestic violence; poor academic grades; physical disabilities and life changing illness.


We are a community of licensed professionals, non-profits, and area resources to assist clients with the development of a new quality of life.

Sessions and Client Referrals

Equine assisted sessions are typically one hour in length and are designed to have two facilitators present in order to ensure the needs of the client are met in a holistic and safe manner. We work in concert with professionals who are trained in equine therapy as well as in the fields of mental health, physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health.  


Clients are referred from county health services, churches, schools, law enforcement, rehabilitation and recovery centers, parents, youth, employers, hospitals, and clinics. 


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