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Counseling Services


Sometimes when we begin to change we underestimate the forces holding us back from growing and healing. Change can be painful no matter how desirable or necessary the final outcome. Our team enjoys developing meaningful and healthy relationships to assist people through difficult periods in their life. Living Anew offers many therapeutic services to guide you through difficult periods and to bring about healing in those areas.

Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling

We ask our clients "What needs to happen in order for you to feel like something is accomplished?" It is like getting in to a taxi cab and the driver asks, “Where do you want to go?” And you say, “I don’t know, why don’t you drive around until I figure it out.” It can waste time and money. Every third session we will re-evaluate to see if therapy is helping. If not, we will refer you to another competent therapist.

In the course of your healing journey, we will tailor exercises and interventions to best serve you.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Dream Interpretation, Art Therapy, and Therapeutic Hypnosis and are some of the approaches we can take to best serve you.

Chronic and Terminal Illness Supportive Services

We specialize in assisting cancer survivors and others living with chronic or terminal illness and conditions through their treatment process. We will navigate you from diagnosis, treatment, and post treatment.

Diagnosis: The initial diagnosis of having cancer can be very traumatic and influence the treatment process. Intervention is vital to help you move on to treatment. We will help you through the trauma by using a simple 6 step process to alleviate the anxiety and stress.

Treatment: There are a host of symptoms and issues that arise during the treatment process. We excel in symptom relief, comfort management and immune functioning. Relationship issues, emotional struggles, anxiety and depression are areas that we concentrate on. We facilitate cancer groups, retreats and educational seminars to add to the recovery process.

Post Treatment. Surviving cancer and returning back to your world can be confusing, anxiety provoking and lonely. Fear of reoccurrence, getting back to a normal life and finding meaning and purpose are issues that many cancer survivors struggle with. Through, specific exercises, coaching and counseling. We will support an easy transition into the healthy world.


Marriage Counseling

We have one rule in marriage counseling.  “You cannot tell what the other person is doing wrong, you can only tell me how you contribute to the problem.” Every session will include an exercise, tools to build a stronger relationship, and homework. We concentrate on cooperation rather than compromise. By developing conflict resolution tools, communication skills, and understanding wants and needs you will have an approach to marriage/couples counseling that best fits your situation.

Therapeutic Hypnotism

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The professional just guides you through the process. We specialize in using hypnosis to manage pain/ discomfort, managing nausea, reducing stress and overcoming phobias. There is an initial assessment session to discover the best approach to reach our therapeutic goal. Each session is recorded live with background music, a CD is made of the recording or MP3 file and is given to you to listen to daily after the session. Hypnotism works best for discomfort management, anxiety, stress reduction, weight management and health issues

Group Therapy

Group therapy is not a support group. It is a commitment that each member makes to each other for an extended period of time. Many patients feel isolated and overwhelmed in coping with life changing issues. Groups are offered for Cancer Survivors and their loved ones and those struggling with Heart Disease and Heart Attack Survivors.

Living New Therapy Groups provide:


  • An opportunity to build healthy bonds with other survivors

  • An opportunity to share emotions appropriately

  • Help clarify life values and goals

  • Facilitate effective coping skills that are

  • Information focused

  • Result orientated

Educational Groups

Living Anew:
A Six Week Class on Developing Strategies to Survive Cancer

What to Do After Your Heart Attacks You:
A Six Week Class for Survivors of Heart Disease and Heart Attacks

Living Well Series:
• A Six Week Class on Health and Wellness to Quit Smoking
• A Six Week Class on Health and Wellness to Manage Weight

Managing Stress:

  • A Six Week Class on Managing Stress.

Educational groups are a good way to promote your organization. We will facilitate these groups at your organization to help you promote health and wellness.

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