Meet Our Animals
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Lena - 2008 Bay Quarter Horse Mare

Lena is our transparent leader who gravitates towards kids. Additionally Lena is exceptionally fair and safe.

Red - 1995 Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding

Red is the oldest horse here at the farm. Red is an extroverted soul who is wise and friendly.

Pandora - 

Pandora is our most curious horse as well as being very playful and friendly.

Channing - 2009 Chestnut Miniature Mare

Channing, or mighty mouse as Peggy calls her, is our speedy and confident miniature horse.


Abraham - 2013 Sicilian Donkey

Abraham is our curious and playful donkey. Abraham can be bold at times and loves to greet people as they come in.


Calvin - 2000 Grade Quarter 

Calvin tends to be reserved and cautious  however, he is safe, willing, and sensitive.

Yagi & Buko - Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Yagi and Buko are our playful loving goats. They love all the attention possible and love showing off their humor.

Solomon - The Gentleman Rooster

Cypress - 2010 Gray Tabby

Cypress is immensely affectionate and accepting of everyone and everything

Several Hens - Pictured is Rosie Chicken

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Rose - April 2020 Australian Sheperd

Rose is a people pleaser who loves to work and run around.


Senci - 2010 Siamese/Himalayan Mix

Senci is our beautiful clumsy cat. She tends to be reserved to strangers although she is very loving


Josette - July 2017 Australian Shepard

Josette is genuine towards everyone and loves to learn new things. She loves to play and run around with Rose.


Shadow - January 2019 Stray 

Shadow is our "third dog" and loves his two sisters. Shadow is very calm and friendly.

Forever in our memories